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Our name, Nopaltilla ™ is derived from two of the most iconic foods of Mexcio.  The Nopal cactus, which is loved for both it’s incredible nutritional value and taste and of course tortillas!  Our goal is to use nopal to improve both the taste and/or the nutritional value of the foods we make in our tortilleria.  

We currently offer our nopal Cactus Chips, tostadoes, chia cookies and our organic nopal powder online.  At our restaurant we also sell our tortillas howerver, since we don't use chemical preservatives, we don't offer them online as their shelf life is too short.  Our award winning tortillas are made from non-GMO ingredients.  Our tortillas, along with chips cookies and powder are available in our restaurant or the various Farmer Markets we attend.  Buying there or at our restaurant will save you money.  No Freight, plus we get to meet you in person.